Hit The Wall


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Gothic Rock

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  1. Hit The Wall -:-- / 3:22

Find a little off switch, find a little time
Find a little space and you start to feel sublime
Shut out all your troubles, turn away your grief
Lock away the challenge, find a little peace

Say, say, that you like it that way!
Say, say, that it makes your day
Say, say, it takes your troubles away
Assert it, pervert it
Take it to the top and hit the wall

Take a little substance, take a little time
Take away the contest and give up on the climb
Close down your main circuit, switch off all the lights
Turn away the troubles and give up on the fight

Have a little something, have a little bit
Have a little you know what to keep you feeling fit
Pack away the feelings and turn away the fear
Take this as your motto and live life in first gear

  1. The Longest Day Album Sampler Rhombus 4:15
  2. Sodium Sunrise (Single Version) Rhombus 5:14
  3. Magnificent (Single Version) Rhombus 3:14
  4. Lightning Strikes Twice Rhombus 4:37
  5. A Moment Today (2016) Rhombus 5:02
  6. Anywhere Rhombus 3:39
  7. Here Be Dragons Rhombus 5:03
  8. Into The Rain Rhombus 5:39
  9. Adrianne Dances Rhombus 4:26
  10. Love You 'Til Closing Time Rhombus 3:46
  11. Daylight Rhombus 4:23
  12. Turn Around Rhombus 3:17
  13. 4472 Rhombus 2:56
  14. Denied Rhombus 3:07
  15. Mythos Rhombus 3:48
  16. Timeless And Elegant Rhombus 5:09