Sodium Sunrise


Record Details

Gothic Rock

Record Tracklist

  1. Sodium Sunrise -:-- / 5:13


You, I never wanted
You, I didn’t need
The shining markets, the call to prayer
Murky, hazy hellhole
Streets of dust and sleaze
The sacred river, the Valley of Kings
Seeing what I wanted
Perspective preconceived

Sodium Sunrise
Silver gleaming on the Nile
Silver gleaming on the Nile

Fight to find a heaven, or choose to live in hell
Keep drowning in self pity, or climb the citadel

You, I never wanted.
You, I didn’t need
The memories of thousands of years
Halfway round the planet
No reason I could see
The monuments to ancient Gods
I was biased from the outset
Images believed

Sodium, it’s all sodium

  1. The Longest Day Album Sampler Rhombus 4:15
  2. Sodium Sunrise (Single Version) Rhombus 5:14
  3. Magnificent (Single Version) Rhombus 3:14
  4. Lightning Strikes Twice Rhombus 4:37
  5. A Moment Today (2016) Rhombus 5:02
  6. Anywhere Rhombus 3:39
  7. Here Be Dragons Rhombus 5:03
  8. Into The Rain Rhombus 5:39
  9. Adrianne Dances Rhombus 4:26
  10. Love You 'Til Closing Time Rhombus 3:46
  11. Daylight Rhombus 4:23
  12. Turn Around Rhombus 3:17
  13. 4472 Rhombus 2:56
  14. Denied Rhombus 3:07
  15. Mythos Rhombus 3:48
  16. Timeless And Elegant Rhombus 5:09