Rat City


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Gothic Rock

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  1. Rat City -:-- / 3:38

Sitting in a dark hotel room
I fill my glass
Gaze out on the town below
Hoping that the time will pass

In a city with streets of sorrow
Of anger loss and pain
Rubbish blows over the pavement
Litter clogs up the drain

This city is dark
This city is dying
But the city don’t mind
‘Cause its rat, rat, rat city
This city is cruel
This city is blind
But the city don’t mind
‘Cause its rat, rat, rat city

Thunder flashes through the skyline
The car horns bleat and wail
But nobody sees the lightning
They’re eyes down, oh so pale

Doesn’t do to make eye contact
To smile or hold a door
Avoiding every other person
Self-absorbsions what they’re for

Everybody hates the sunshine
Everybody hates the rain
Everybody’s hopes and dreams
Got washed right down the drain

The older generations
Wonder what went wrong
Their streets are full of sorrow
Singing the same sad song

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