Here Be Dragons


Record Details

Gothic Rock

Record Tracklist

  1. Here Be Dragons -:-- / 5:03

Sailing across the sea
Riding waves of philosophy
Claiming pure utility
Charting course by bigotry

What’s yours mine
What’s there’s is mine
What’s ours is mine
What’s mine is fine

Here be dragons, Here be space and time and need
Here be dragons, here be faith aligned with greed

Overland and under sky
Holy texts to justify
Lead unleashed to Ratify
Spoils spent to pacify

Left on time and right on track
Seize the day, re draw the map
Taking ground and giving flack
Wave farewell and don’t look back

  1. The Longest Day Album Sampler Rhombus 4:15
  2. Sodium Sunrise (Single Version) Rhombus 5:14
  3. Magnificent (Single Version) Rhombus 3:14
  4. Lightning Strikes Twice Rhombus 4:37
  5. A Moment Today (2016) Rhombus 5:02
  6. Anywhere Rhombus 3:39
  7. Here Be Dragons Rhombus 5:03
  8. Into The Rain Rhombus 5:39
  9. Adrianne Dances Rhombus 4:26
  10. Love You 'Til Closing Time Rhombus 3:46
  11. Daylight Rhombus 4:23
  12. Turn Around Rhombus 3:17
  13. 4472 Rhombus 2:56
  14. Denied Rhombus 3:07
  15. Mythos Rhombus 3:48
  16. Timeless And Elegant Rhombus 5:09